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MEBAK® –wort, beer and beer-based beverages

Over the past four decades, MEBAK® has committed itself to the task of compiling, evaluating, verifying and publishing the multiple volume collection Brautechnische Analysenmethoden (Brewing Analysis Methods). This collection consists of several volumes as well as a series of guidelines, available in German and English, which are all revised and updated regularly by the members of MEBAK®.

In the current edition of this volume, MEBAK® has combined all previously developed analysis methods collected in the areas of “Wort, Beer and Beer-based Beverages” into a single independent volume. In doing so, it rounds out the range of newly revised volumes, which include Water and Raw Materials, together with Gebinde und Produktausstattungsmittel (Product Containers and Packaging Material, available only in German).

In this particular volume, the contents represent an updated version of those compiled and published in the past in MEBAK® Volumes II and III. In addition, it now includes a section on modern special analysis techniques. Moreover, beer-based beverages – which are becoming increasingly relevant for breweries – are also given special consideration in this book. This volume does not include sensory analysis and microbiology, as these will be covered separately in their own respective volume in the future.

Dr. Heinz-Michael Anger laid the foundation for the volume Wort, Beer and Beer-based Beverages. Drawing on his many years of experience and his extensive expertise, he created this volume with the support of his “WBBB working group” over the course of many meetings and discussions. On this project, he collaborated with Dr. Gerd Bender, PD Dr. Mehmet Coelhan, Dr. Diedrich Harms, Dr. Fritz Jacob, Dr. Elsbeth Jülich, Helmut Klein, Dr. Stefan Kreisz, Prof. Dr. Frank Methner, Prof. Dr. Heinz Miedaner, Dr. Gerold Reil, Dr. Martin Zarnkow and Dr. Achim Zürcher.

The work involved in editing this volume was performed by Sabine Bender and Dr. Gerd Bender with profound dedication over the course of many weekends and holidays, for which we extend our heartfelt appreciation. Many thanks also go out to all the colleagues at MEBAK® who lent their support to this endeavor: Dario Cotterchio, Dr. Martina Gastl, Thomas Kunz and Hubert Walter, just to name a few.

Dr. Gerd Bender, PD Dr. Mehmet Coelhan, Helmut Klein and Dr. Martin Zarnkow performed the final round of editing.

Weihenstephan, January 2012

Dr. Fritz Jacob

Chairman of MEBAK

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