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MEBAK® – water

For decades now, MEBAK® has committed itself to the task of compiling, evaluating, verifying and publishing the multiple volume collection Brautechnische Analysenmethoden (Brewing Analysis Methods).

The latest edition of this volume is very comprehensive and is dedicated exclusively to water (drinking water, mineral water, brewing liquor, boiler [feed] water and wastewater), which had earlier been included in MEBAK® Volume I. This content is published separately as a separate volume Raw Materials (barley, adjuncts, malt, hops and hop products). Both sets of topics will appear in separately published volumes, each with their own section of special analysis techniques.

The volume Water contains comprehensive updates, including the regulations governing drinking water – in terms of analysis – in the countries represented by MEBAK®. This was compiled and written by Dr. Alfons Ahrens (Berlin).

The volume Raw Materials was written and edited by Dr. Stefan Kreisz of Weihenstephan, including new developments concerning analyses related to these topics.

Due to time constraints and the substantial amount of information collected for this volume, the chapter Fundamentals of Statistics, written by Dr. Paul Anderegg (Zurich), was not included.

In lieu of this, the fundamentals of statistics can be viewed on the MEBAK® website (

The layout and development of the MEBAK volume Water was carried out by Sabine Bender and Martin Zarnkow, for which we are immensely grateful. Many thanks are also in order to all of the colleagues who contributed to the individual chapters.

Berlin, August 2005

Dr. Heinz-Michael Anger

Chairman of MEBAK

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