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Book Tip of MEBAK®

Over the last four decades, the MEBAK® has committed itself to compiling, evaluating and validating brewing-related analysis methods for the purpose of publishing them in a collection of “Brewing Technical Analysis Methods”. These are available in several volumes and guidelines in both German and English. They are regularly updated by MEBAK® members. The “Raw Materials” volume was first published in English in 2013 (in German in 2006). This 2nd edition has been completely revised and the contents restructured. On account of his long-term experience and high level of expertise, Prof. Dr. Frank Rath with his “Raw Materials Working Group” has managed, over numerous meetings, to rapidly create this completely revised edition. In the process, all new analytical developments were taken into account.

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Forschungszentrum für Brau-und Lebensmittelqualität
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