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The Fourth Ludwig Narziß Prize was Awarded to the Weihenstephan Research Center in 2018

The Ludwig Narziß Prize for Brewing Science was presented for the fourth time on November 15th during the BrauBeviale 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. As Dr. Lydia Junkersfeld, Editor-in-Chief of BRAUWELT, emphasized at the beginning of the ceremony, the authors of a scientific publication in the journal BrewingScience, whose results are of highest relevance for brewing practice, are awarded 2,500 € and a trophy from the company Sahm, based in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. The prize is meant to focus attention on the application of scientific research in the brewing industry.

This year’s award went to Robert Riedl, Paula Goderbauer, Andreas Brandl, Fritz Jacob and Mathias Hutzler for their publication “Bavarian Wheat Beer, an Example of a Special Microbe Habitat – Cultivation, Detection, Biofilm Formation, Characterization of Selected Lactic Acid Bacteria Hygiene Indicators and Spoilers”.

In this study, a nutrient medium was developed for the detection of beer-spoiling bacteria, which can be applied very effectively in breweries producing Bavarian wheat beer. Wheat beer is more prone to microbial contamination since it is hopped to a lesser extent than most other beers. Certain beer-spoiling bacteria grow very well in top-fermented wheat beer. As part of this research, a nutrient medium along with the requisite microbiological and molecular biological methods were developed specifically to address this issue. The results and methods developed as part of the authors’ work have often been employed in clarifying cases of contamination in breweries.

MEBAK congratulates its members, Prof. Fritz Jacob, Dr. Mathias Hutzler and their team, for winning this highly esteemed, international honor.

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