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Prof. Frank-Jürgen Methner Named Honorary Chairman of MEBAK®

Upon completion of his studies at the Technical University of Berlin in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Prof. Methner’s professional life began in quality control at the Schlösser Brewery in Düsseldorf. He then he moved back to Berlin for his doctoral studies. From 1987 to 2004, he was responsible for the departments of technology and development at Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH.

In 2004, Frank-Jürgen Methner assumed the role of the director of the Technical University of Berlin’s Department of Brewing in the Institute of Food Technology and Food Chemistry, succeeding Prof. Karl Wackerbauer. There, Prof. Methner developed novel analytical methods, systematically collected empirical data resulting from experimental trials, applied for numerous patents and also found time to aid in organizing the “Trends in Brewing” symposium. Furthermore, he supported the work of the Wissenschaftsförderung der Deutschen Brauwirtschaft (Wifö – an organization promoting scientific research in the German Brewing Industry), the Forschungskreis der Ernährungsindustrie (FEI – the Research Association of the German Food Industry) and MEBAK® through his volunteer efforts.

During his tenure as professor, the Chair for Brewing Science not only produced masters’ and doctoral theses but 277 scientific publications and over 100 lectures and posters for international events as well.

On March 28th 2019, the Dean of the TU Berlin, Prof. Drusch bade Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank-Jürgen Methner a fond farewell as the director of the Chair for Brewing at the TU Berlin as he entered retirement.

To offset his many professional activities, sports provided a welcome respite in the form of long bike tours and marathons.

Prof. Methner has served as the chairman of MEBAK® since April 2016 and will continue to remain in this position for the organization. In all of the affairs of MEBAK®, Methner has deemed, among other aspects, the strategic focus of the organization to be very important, and thus he has been effective in his efforts at attracting young, distinguished experts from business and science to volunteer their time for MEBAK®.

On October 2nd 2020 at the 95th MEBAK plenary session in Freising at Weihenstephan, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank-Jürgen Methner was appointed as honorary chairman in recognition of his substantial contributions to MEBAK® and his promotion of the organization’s objectives as well as for the publication of various MEBAK® volumes and guidelines.

The members of MEBAK® wish their colleague Prof. Frank-Jürgen Methner all the best, and above all good health and happiness, for the future.

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