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Henrike Vorwerk – New Member of MEBAK®

Henrike Vorwerk, born 1983 in Warendorf, studied food chemistry at the University of Münster and graduated in 2007. For her scientific thesis, she worked in the department of service analytics at the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office (CVUA) Münster on the adaptation of a GC method for the stable isotope analysis.

After finishing her university studies, she completed her academic education with a practical legal training from 2008 to 2009 at the CVUA Münster to obtain the job title ‘state-certified food chemist’. The training also involved periods at the district veterinary and food supervisory office of Soest and at the food laboratory Dr. Weßling GmbH.

In October 2009, she started to work at the Research and Teaching Institute for Brewing (VLB Berlin) as a research associate in the Research Institute for Raw Materials where her scientific work mainly focused on special analyses using mass spectrometric techniques. She was involved in several research projects in the field of analytics and quality evaluation of brewing cereals. Most recently, she significantly contributed to the joint EBC/Euromalt project to develop and validate a new method for the prediction of the gushing behaviour of malt. Currently, she is also preparing her dissertation on this research topic.

In January 2018, she succeeded Prof. Dr. Frank Rath as head of the Research Institute for Raw Materials. In this function, she is an active member of several committees and working groups in the field of quality assurance and evaluation of brewing raw materials. She also acts as an executive member of the Technical and Scientific Committee (TWA) for Raw Materials, Malting and Hop Processing of the VLB.

The members of MEBAK® are very pleased to welcome Henrike Vorwerk to the analysis commission.

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c/o Technische Universität München
Forschungszentrum für Brau-und Lebensmittelqualität
Alte Akademie 3
D-85354 Freising