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MEBAK® – sensory analysis

For the past four decades, MEBAK® has dedicated itself to the task of compiling, evaluating, verifying and publishing the multiple volume collection Brautechnische Analysenmethoden (Brewing Analysis Methods). This has been made available in the form of multiple volumes and guidelines, which are constantly revised, reviewed, updated and amended by our team of experienced experts.

Since sensory analysis plays a very significant role within the scope of quality management in the brewing and beverage industry, MEBAK® decided to dedicate one volume entirely to this important topic. Aside from establishing key terminology, the current edition explains the basic requirements for sensory analyses in detail. In addition to providing information on various aspects of a tasting room and the choice of glassware, this volume explains the process of selecting, training and guiding a sensory analysis panel. The relevant DIN regulations were also taken into consideration for the sensory analysis methods described in this volume. A great deal of emphasis is placed on the methods that focus closely on sensory analysis for practical quality control purposes. Beginning with the raw materials through processing aids, operating materials and additives, intermediate and finished products, the book also discusses the product containers, hoses and gases that are used in the production process. The appropriate analyses are provided for each of these topics. Commonly employed analysis methods are also listed, as well as the various aging and stress tests that can be used for beer and other beverages.

Dr. Wolfgang Stempfl developed the concept for this volume. Drawing on his many years of experience and his extensive expertise in the field of sensory analysis, he created this volume with the support of the MEBAK® working group over the course of many meetings and discussions. For this project, he collaborated with Dr. Gerd Bender, Dr. Diedrich Harms, Dr. Fritz Jacob, Dr. Elsbeth Jülich, Helmut Klein, Dipl.-Ing. Ingrid Weber and Dr. Martin Zarnkow.

Once again, the work required for editing this volume was completed after many hours of work and with great care by Ing. (grad.) Sabine Bender and Dr. Gerd Bender, for which we are truly grateful.

In the same tone, many thanks also go to all of the colleagues who provided a great deal of support to MEBAK® – Dr. Hubert Kollmannsberger, Dipl.-Brmst. Florian Mischke, Dr. Alexander Quadt, Dipl.-Ing. Annette Schmelzle, Dr. Christina Schönberger, Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Schropp and Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Strube.

The final editing was performed by Dr. Gerd Bender, PD Dr. Mehmet Coelhan, Helmut Klein and Dr. Martin Zarnkow.

Weihenstephan, February 2013

Dr. Fritz Jacob

Chairman of MEBAK

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