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MEBAK® – Gebinde und Produktausstattungsmittel (Product Containers and Packaging)

For the past four decades, MEBAK® has dedicated itself to the task of compiling, evaluating, verifying and publishing analysis methods for the brewing industry in the multiple volume collection Brautechnische Analysenmethoden (Brewing Analysis Methods). This has been made available in the form of multiple volumes and guidelines, which are constantly revised, reviewed, updated and amended by our team of experienced experts – as is also the case with Volume V Gebinde und Produktausstattungsmittel (Product Containers and Packaging Materials), 3rd edition, 2009.

The packaging and timely presentation of finished beer and other beverages require the implementation and application of the appropriate product containers and packaging materials. In 2001, MEBAK® published a volume dedicated to methods for testing these containers and packaging materials followed by a supplement in 2002. Seven years later, there is a whole series of newly documented testing methods – some of them in standardized norms and others in the form of “Spezielle Technische Liefer- und Bezugsbedingungen” (Special Technical Terms of Delivery and Supply (STLB) in Germany). MEBAK® has now released the third edition of this very specialized publication. In the most current version, for example, the chapters covering testing methods for glass bottles, aluminum roll-on caps, screw caps and cases for bottles have been completely revised and been fully updated to reflect current technological standards. This volume was released as a CD-ROM.

MEBAK® is truly grateful to members of the GuP working group, under the leadership of Dipl.-Ing. Ingrid Weber of VLB Berlin e. V., for their kind support.

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