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MEBAK® microbreweries

For decades now, MEBAK® has committed itself to the task of compiling, evaluating, verifying and publishing brewery analysis methods. With this volume, MEBAK® has gone a step further in dedicating an entire volume to the topic of microbreweries. This volume not only provides the reader with straightforward, practical analysis methods but also a basic outline for designing a microbrewery, from the initial planning stages through selecting the appropriate procedures for wort and beer production to establishing a systematic quality control routine.

Along with more conventional topics like hygienic design and production, creative process technologies have emerged, which are virtually unique to microbreweries, and are addressed in this volume, such as adding hops on the cold side of production, spontaneous fermentation and maturation in wooden barrels. A framework of functioning economic and market-based principles, including standard business calculations and profit and loss statements, are discussed in detail. Regulations and legal considerations affecting the brewing industry, as well as matters concerning the German Reinheitsgebot and labeling requirements, round out the MEBAK volume Microbreweries.

The idea for this book originated with Dr. Gerd Bender, who wanted to provide assistance to the innovative microbrewing scene particularly with regard to matters of quality control, industry specifications and hygiene. Dr. August Gresser generously offered his time in offering to manage the working group “microbreweries” within the organizational structure of MEBAK® and significantly expanded the range of topics again. MEBAK® would also like to express its gratitude to all who assumed the responsibility of writing the chapters under Dr. Gresser’s direction, participating in numerous, long conversations either over the telephone, through e-mail or in meetings. MEBAK® collectively expresses its appreciation to each and every one of you (refer to page 7 of the Microbreweries volume, Members of the Working Group).

The work involved in compiling and editing this book has demanded considerable effort and dedication on the part of Ing. (grad.) Sabine Bender and Dr. Gerd Bender over many weekends and holidays. For this they have earned our deepest gratitude.

The final editing was performed by Dr. Gerd Bender, Dr. Gerold Reil and Dr. Martin Zarnkow.

It is my hope and aspiration that this compendium finds widespread readership and that not only the many brewmasters working in microbreweries and craft breweries find it a valuable resource but also newcomers to the brewing industry as well, who make contributions to the ever-changing and intriguing world of brewing, by producing unique, delicious beers full of character. May it become a well-regarded and indispensable guide to accompany them in their work.

Weihenstephan, July 2015

Prof. Dr. Fritz Jacob

Chairman of MEBAK

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