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Developing the MEBAK® collection

Over the years, MEBAK® has created a series of publications consisting of multiple volumes and guidelines, which are continually revised and updated.

Volume I was first published in 1978. After the third edition, it became necessary to divide the book into several different volumes due to the rapid pace of development and innovation in the area of analysis as well as new legislative requirements (water). As this supplementary information accrued, it was added to the respective volumes Wasser and Rohstoffe, published in German. This content is also available in the volumes Water and Raw Materials in English.

The publication of Volume II followed in 1979 and included wort and beer analyses. The fourth edition, released in 2002, was expanded to include non-alcoholic and beer-based beverages, products that continue to gain in importance for breweries. Since then, this volume has been revised to incorporate the relevant special analysis methods from volume III and published as a new volume called Wort, Beer and Beer-Based Beverages.

Volume III was published in 1982 in response to the growing need to standardize special analysis methods which had not been widespread up until that time, and to introduce them to laboratory practice. In 1996, a revision was necessary. Volume III is now out of print. Instead, the pertinent chapters were combined with all the modern instrumental analysis methods in the aforementioned volumes.

Volume IV was first published in 1987 followed by a second edition in 1998. It contains information regarding technical processing aids and cleaning and disinfection agents. Volume IV will no longer be updated and is being phased out. Members of a MEBAK® subcommittee invested a great deal of time and effort over the course of many years to collect the most current research methods for the volume Gebinde und Produktausstattungsmittel (Containers and Packaging Materials). Due to the large amount of data comprising this collection, these methods were later distributed on CD-ROM.

Furthermore, MEBAK® has developed and published guidelines such as Richtlinien zur Sudwerkskontrolle (Guidelines for Monitoring Brewhouse Operations) as well as Validierung, Verifizierung und Abnahme von CIP-Anlagen und Reinigungsprozessen (Data Collection Sheet for the Inspection and Evaluation of CIP Systems and Cleaning Processes). In 2010, the Richtlinie Getränkeschankanlagen (Guidelines for Beverage Dispensing Systems) was published. Additional guidelines, such as those for the inspection of filtration systems, are currently in development and will be published soon.

The volume Microbreweries, published in 2015, is unique among the books in the collection.

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