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Marcus Jentsch – New Member of MEBAK®

On the occasion of the 91st plenary session of the Central European Commission for Brewing Analysis (MEBAK®) on March 23rd 2018 in Kulmbach, Germany, Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Jentsch was unanimously elected a full member of the organization.

Marcus Jentsch was born in 1974 and completed his apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster at the Binding Brewery AG in Kassel. Beginning in 1997, he studied Brewing Science and Beverage Technology at the Technische Universität München-Weihenstephan. He wrote his diploma thesis on yeast assimilation. He finished his studies in 2002 with the distinction of “best graduate of the year”.

His professional career began seamlessly upon completing his studies at the Institute Romeis in Bad Kissingen GmbH where he heads the Department for Brewing Analysis and Technical Consulting. Since that time, he has been in charge of advising breweries in matters of technology, quality assurance, HACCP and occupational safety as well as the associated microbiological and chemical-technical sampling.

It is also incumbent upon him to manage the institute’s own pilot brewery, where he focuses on recipe development and formulation of new beers for breweries who are customers of the Romeis Institute.

The lectures and training on current issues (technology, occupational safety, sensory analysis and hygiene) offered both at the institute as well in-house at other companies  fall within his area of responsibility.

His supplemental training as a specialist in occupational safety and as a radiation protection officer is also helpful for the companies he deals with on a regular basis within the scope of his professional activities.

As a member of the examination board for brewers and maltsters at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, he has been guiding apprentices in first steps of their careers for ten years now. His work as deputy chairman of the Landesgruppe Nordbayern in the German Brewmaster and Malt Masters’ Association (DBMB) allows him to stay abreast of the current needs of the profession and to be involved in structuring responses to address them.

The members of MEBAK® are very pleased to welcome Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Jentsch to the analysis commission.

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